The 5 Best Custom Lightsabers for any Jedi or Sith

It’s difficult to choose the ideal Star Wars lightsaber. After all, you want to be sure it fits you. Some people look for the ideal imitation. Others continue to look for something that will solely belong to them. It’s incredible that you can use such a beautiful weapon to fight other Force users. There are various ways to acquire the ideal personalized lightsabers, but for the time being, we’re going to concentrate on the major players. We have the utmost regard for custom artisans, but since their waitlists are often lengthier, we want to make it easier for consumers to discover their sword. (And for this list, we’re not looking for the inexpensive but enjoyable mass-market models). We’re also going to concentrate on the real saber, not a pretend copy. We enjoy discovering unusual objects in collections.

Disney typically throws copyright lawsuits around with reckless abandon, but for some reason they have decided to ignore the long-established handmade lightsaber market. This indicates that there are a lot of small custom saber businesses that exist and compete to create Star Wars enthusiasts’ ideal sabers. While most things are plug and play, there are enough parts, colors, shapes, and style options to make your saber really unique.

Please don’t criticize us if your favorite didn’t make the list of the Best Custom LightSabers. We are aware that there are a ton of tiny businesses that specialize in producing extremely intricate work, and we strongly advise you to do the same! Find the one that is ideal for you when it comes to all personalized things by shopping around. After all, this is your Lightsaber. And it ought to be ideal for you.

UltraSaber Star Wars Light Sabers
UltraSabers is a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for an inexpensive, duel-ready saber or your first custom saber to get into the hobby. That, however, has a price. Their hilts are fairly boring. There, it was stated. Look elsewhere if you want anything that appears to be something a Jedi may use in a movie or comic book. Although they can duel, we think beginners should use them the most.

Although they are reasonably priced, ranging from $65 for a duel-ready saber with no sound to $350 for a fully equipped saber with numerous sound fonts. They don’t use a chassis for their electronics, which is the problem. Which is a major knock against them. When your sound card is going to be damaged while you duel, why spend more money on a quality one? Additionally, we advise selecting a different sound card. You can hire professionals to install a sound card for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself. There are many available from bespoke makers.

Unlike most firms today, Star Wars Lightsaber UltraSabers still require AAA batteries instead of rechargeable lithium cells. In addition, they charge you for the tool needed to tighten your blade rather than included it in the cost. Which makes us wary of them a little. Their hilts are also extraordinarily thick, typically around 2 inches thick. They get a little awkward as a result.

We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t get an UltraSaber, but think carefully about what you want before making a decision.

Light Saber from Star Wars
Savi’s Workshop: Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge
A Savi’s Workshop saber stunned many more casual fans with a price tag that was close to $200 — pardon us, 200 Credits. That is, however, actually toward the lower half of the price range for a bespoke saber. This sword is on our list because of the procedure. In contrast to other businesses, Savi’s lets you design your own saber instead of just sending it to you in a box. From a selection of four styles—each with a number of options—you construct your saber using the chosen components. The pieces are weighty and feel substantial in the hand, and they easily snap together. Disney staff members are there to assist you if you become stuck.

The presentation is what makes this sword outstanding and worth the price. Theatrics of creating your very own saber in a themed chamber while working with saber artisans. This is a truly unique experience because to the lighting, drama, and mood. Making your own hilt is personal, and selecting your crystal becomes a ritual. The act of making your saber makes the occasion, even if the LEDs and noises aren’t the greatest on the market.

You will construct a mid-grade, mock-duel capable saber for your money. It can’t handle hard handling like some of the higher-end sabers, but it can handle tapping battle with more care. We like to refer to battle as kid-friendly. The main disadvantage of this technique is that a day pass to Disneyland is also required. This typically costs between $104 and 129 per day (and is less expensive the more days you purchase). This implies that, without the overpriced Disney food, the cost of this saber may possibly be over $300. We believe the experience is worthwhile, however the quality may be higher.

Light Saber Kyberlight from Star Wars
When Kyberlight initially launched on Kickstarter, there was a lot of interest in them. The firm claimed to have the brightest saber on the market with an indestructible blade. Half of that promise was fulfilled. The blade is genuinely almost unbreakable. Without worrying, you can hit this item on almost anything. However, it appears to us that even if the LEDs are so bright that staring into them may injure your eyes, they start to dim before they reach the tip. This might be due to the blade’s indestructibility, but it might also be a problem with the design.

Even though it has gotten brighter from version to version, the brightness is still not entirely fixed. Most blades have a slight drop off before the tip, but in Kyberlight it has always appeared more noticeable. Blue, green, and red are the three main colors, and they are all very vivid. However, the remaining 20 hues are somewhat pale in comparison. Their blades, however, provide superb flash-on-clash.

The simplicity with which Kyber’s components can be swapped out and altered is nice. It has a large handle. HUGE HUGE. You can get your hands on things, like inches longer than most. This may be pleasant to some, but we think it’s a touch too long. On top of that base, though, you may swap out any additional accessories. Different styles, colors, and blade guard designs are available for the grips, pommels, and blade guards. Even a kit with several choices is available for $300. It has fewer sounds than some, but for those who want it, it has a great mute option.

It’s a decent Saber for the price. If you want a saber that can change colors quickly, this is one of the best. It will unquestionably withstand your dueling, but for around the same money, there are other possibilities.

Lightsaber SaberForge Star Wars
SaberForge has some advantages and disadvantages. For $160, you can purchase a basic saber with a single color, a very simple handle, and no sound. This makes it one of the list’s more affordable custom sabers. That saber, on the other hand, will be exceedingly bland and lacking in personality. It also doesn’t have any of the cool features that many of the others do.

The problem is that you’re looking at spending $200 or $300 just for the handle if you want something genuinely distinctive, like a crossguard saber or the even more expensive crystal saber (which reveals the Kyber crystal). except from the blade and all the components. If you constructed a saber using their best components and highest-end soundboard, you can expect to pay between $800 and $1000 for your ideal, fully customized saber.

We’ll claim that their soundboards are generally excellent. However, because the electronics are not protected by a chassis, they are susceptible to damage from excessive shaking or impact, just like UltraSabers. Additionally, Saberforge is renowned for having hit-or-miss quality control, and they are well-known in the neighborhood for deleting evaluations that are unfavorable to their company. Even though some individuals vouch for them, you should read the reviews before passing judgment.

Don’t get us wrong, we think their handles are really appealing. Even the entry-level handles are attractive for the price, but because of the quality control problems, be sure you fully understand what you’re purchasing.

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